The New EcoBlue

EcoBlue from sera will take care of metering tasks efficiently and win users over with the usual sera quality, reliability, and low purchasing costs.


sera EcoBlue
The model series covers the performance range from 2l/h to 15 l/h at up to 10 bar. Its compact construction makes it an easy solution for input/output operation or proportional dosing of flow. The scope of delivery includes dosing hose, foot and metering valves.


Its stroke length adjustment feature makes it possible to adjust the pumping capacity within the range 10-100%. When operated manually, the stroke frequency can also be individually adjusted in ten levels. External controlling is carried out using a pulse signal with a 1:1 ratio.


Typical applications include:

  • Drinking water treatment
  • Waste water treatment
  • Chlorination of drinking water
  • Swimming pool technology
  • Agriculture

The advantages and customer’s benefits:

  • Low purchasing costs
  • Reliability through high-quality materials
  • Simple installation at console or dosing tank
  • Unlimitedly safe to run dry
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