Rotary Lobe Pump and/or Progressing Cavity Pump

NETZSCH has professional expertise in both displacement pump technologies

Waldkraiburg, 18 march 2013
“From State-of-the-Art Technology to Further Progress“ is the concise summary of the current approach being taken by NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH. Following the complete redevelopment of the TORNADO T2 rotary lobe pump, NETZSCH, the global market leader for progressing cavity pumps, is advancing further into the rotary lobe pump market to become a provider competent in both displacement pump technologies.

Rotary Lobe Pump and Progressing Cavity Pump

NETZSCH Rotary Lobe Pump and Progressing Cavity Pump

The TORNADO T2 is a revolution in rotary lobe pump technology. Solely by reversing the materials between the static and dynamic components, the elastomer parts are exposed to a smaller dynamic load from plastic deformation. The result is a significant reduction in wear and increased pumping capacity thanks to the simpler, but low-pulsation lobe design. An innovative design attaching the lobes with a taper lock ringset outside the pump chamber and simple lobe synchronisation reduce the time required for service. Using a belt drive also means that the pump is completely oil-free and therefore requires no preventative maintenance as well. The TORNADO T2 is versa-tile and suitable for abrasive and toxic, shear sensitive and solid-containing media.

The NEMO progressing cavity pumps are also constantly developed in terms of process optimisation, ease of service and energy efficiency. Substances hazardous to health and the environment and highly viscous, solid-containing or sensitive products require pumps that can convey even the most challenging media without compromising on safety. Mechanical seals or lip seals are tailored to the specific application.

NETZSCH grinding systems are used to effectively protect your complete installation including the pumping equipment. They ensure that oversize solids are reliably reduced to a pumpable size therefore safely avoiding the danger of blockages.


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