Daido internal Gear Pumps G-Series

Daido internal Gear Pumps G-Series attract a high confidence from clients for their durability, thanks to many success stories in fluid transfer in chemical and various industries.

Daido G-Series

Daido internal Gear Pumps G-Series

Gears, which are essential components of gear pumps, with Taocloid tooth profile developed from our own research program, demonstrate a long service life and high efficiency.

There are various series of gear pumps such as the G-series, SE-series, TG-series, etc. It comes with various type of products , combining main materials, choice of bushing materials and sealing methods, with jacket etc. Only for the G-series, there are more than two million Selections. Summing up all the series, therefore, there are a Tremendous Number of Selections, that can be introduced. We do trust that we can provide a proper type of gear pump for your specific requirement!


  • Easy maintenance
    One point seal construction easily makes all wetted internal components disassembled, inspected and flushed.  Maintenance requires no special expertise.
  • Wider range of applications
    Capable to transfer all kinds of fluids and applicable to wider viscosity and temperature ranges.
  • Outstanding durability
    Outstanding durability is assured through carefully selected pump materials, advanced manufacturing techniques and special surface treatment of sliding surfaces.
  • Improved NPSH
    The combination of special pump design and gear tooth profile produces a high vacuum and outstanding self-priming capability. Daido Internal Gear Pumps are suitable for drawing fluids out of underground tanks, drums and vacuum vessels.
  • Compliance with special requirements
    Capable to meet with difficult transfer and hazardous operational requirements.


  • Medical liquid in the pharmaceutical industry
  • High viscosity fluids
    Paint(acrylics,distemper,solvent)magnetic paint,varnish,clear varnish,insulating varnish,emulsion,surface-active agent, DOP,bond,rosin,glue,ink,latex,tackifier,bond,grease,synthetic resin,polycarbonate,acrylics,unsaturated polyester,alkyd,phenol,melamine,urethane,polystyrene,AS,ABS,epoxy resin,vinyl acetate,artificial leather,polymer
  • High and low temperature fluids
  • Petroleum industry
    LPG, liquefaction froon, coal tar, pitch, hot melt, SK oil, durathame, turbine oil, oil, heat oil, thinner, gasoline, naphtha, alcohol, anthracene oil, A heavy oil, B heavy oil, C heavy oil, light oil, kerosene, non freezing liquid, asphalt, wax, benzene, lubricating oil, fatty acid, ester, solvent
  • Food industry
    edible oil, soy bean oil, rape oil, corn oil, rice starch oil, refinement edible oil, lard, head, butter, margarine, chocolate, starch syrup, sausage, curry, jam, sugared water, carbohydrate solution, ice cream, candy, vitamin oil, fish mill, pet food, animal plant oil


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